Digital Projects for Science and Cultural Heritage

“If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants”
(Isaac Newton, letter to Robert Hooke, 5th February 1676)

Your research is tomorrow’s science: manage it, preserve it, share it. Now.

Our Vision


Look forward: think of tomorrow. Preparing with us an effective Business Plan can guarantee solid roots, in the present and in the long term, to your digital project.


A research project needs funding. We can help defining and achieving the right mix of public and private funds as well as sponsorships both for the launch and for the development of your project.


Focus on your research, we take care of the standards. Full compliance with methodological and technological standards guarantees that your results become common heritage to science.


Sharing information in a safe environment and giving it the right value can help make your work known and favour the economic sustainability of your project and its developments.

4Science: we support your project in all phases