About us

We work by your side in digital projects for research and cultural heritage.


We work to facilitate research bodies and institutions that manage cultural heritage and research data in realizing digital projects, supplying them with the utmost level of scientific, economic, managerial and technological skills.

Research now more than ever is based on the exchange of information amongst thousands of scientists and researchers around the globe. The amount of available information is constantly growing thanks to technologies through which data from documents, observations and experiments can be collected.

Knowledge produced is a strategic asset that belongs to society and therefore has to be managed, safeguarded and disseminated to facilitate progress and to guarantee its future development.

Thanks to the combination of top-rated skills we can support research and cultural institutes in the different phases that characterize the life of a digital project with the aim of guaranteeing its effectiveness and full compliance with methodological and scientific standards that are recognized at an international level. We support open source and open standards and actively contribute to them.

4Science has constituted a team of experts who have gained decades of domain expertise and experience, both technological and methodological, in the treatment of data, resulting from numerous collaborations with universities and research institutes. From digital libraries to open archives, to research information management systems, from open standards and open source to interoperability protocols, from cataloging and preservation to semantics and data analysis, today we offer multiple skills to our business partners.

4Science is part of the Itway Group, a multinational company listed on the Tech Star segment of the Italian stock exchange, active in the IT sector for 20 years. It employs 400+ people with 16 branches, 300+ certifications and a total annual turnover of  120+ million euros.