What we do

Management, preservation, reuse and dissemination of research information

For dedicated services to institutional research, 4Science offers two solutions.

DSpace is the world’s most popular platform for institutional repositories, which allows the collection, management, preservation and dissemination of research results, thus increasing the visibility on the web and contributing to the impact and reputation of the researcher and of the institution. The 4Science team includes top experts of DSpace worldwide, members of the selected group of DSpace Committers.

DSpace-CRIS is the open-source platform for the Research Data Management. The 4Science team, who created this platform for the University of Hong Kong, provides installation and configuration, management and maintenance, customization and upgrade, as well as hosting services also in the cloud. With DSpace-CRIS, institutions can manage information related to all entities that populate the research domain, namely their resources (researchers and groups, departments and other organizational units, laboratories and infrastructures etc.), activities (projects and collaborations, contracts and events etc.), outputs (publications, patents, etc.). The institutions have a research governance tool for strategic allocation of resources, which promotes their assets also towards possible partners and funders.

Management, preservation, reuse and exploitation of digital cultural resources

For the integrated management, use,  long-term preservation and exploitation of digital resources in the cultural domain, 4Science makes available its modular platform 4S Digital Library, created by the team that developed and managed the open source Digital Library Management System CodeX [ml] in the last 10 years. 4S Digital Library may be used in projects of a heterogeneous nature, since it is able to manage contents belonging to different domains (archives, libraries, museums, etc.) using different metadata standards.

Digitization and metadata management

To support projects aimed at the collection of digital data in structured repositories, 4Science provides consulting activities with regard to the digitization criteria and metadata management of cultural heritage objects. In this way the organizations who wish to digitize their own assets, ensuring ease of access, long-term preservation and effective cataloging of resources, can find in 4Science an expert support in all phases of the project.

 Semantic Web & Linked Data

The world of cultural heritage is one of the most promising and challenging areas as regards the application of standards and technologies of the Semantic Web and, more generally, the testing of new solutions that connect heterogeneous information types.

Institutions such as libraries, archives, and museums are turning, therefore, with increasing attention, also in a Big Data perspective, to new web technologies in order to offer innovative search and navigation functionalities. By exploiting the semantic relationships between data from different sources, they aim at enhancing interoperability between different systems and, consequently, the possibility of integration, recovery and reuse of such data.

The experience gained over the years in the development of Semantic Web applications allows the 4Science team to present itself as a technological partner for the creation of ontologies in the domain of cultural heritage, for the design and implementation of navigation interfaces for semantic networks and for the dissemination of data in the Linked Open Data format.

 Data management & analysis

In the field of data management and analysis, 4Science is able to support institutions in the development of web-based databases, of  Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and web portals to access information through the use of the most popular open-source Content Management Systems.