Customer: National Library Vittorio Emanuele III

National Library Vittorio Emanuele III


It’s the third biggest library in Italy with over a million and a half printed works, over 300.000 pamphlets, 18.000 manuscripts, 8.000 periodicals, 4.500 incunables, and 1.800 Ercolano papyruses. The library also collects and preserves maps, incisions, photographs and a rich collection of Neapolitan songs, with lyrics and scores published between 1850 and 1960. Moreover, it has electronic resources (database, multimedia products, etc.). Since 2007 the 4Science team has been supporting the library by creating, managing and updating the Digital Library Management System used by the organization. the system is interoperable with the Internet Culturale portal where metadata and digital images are automatically transferred. In 2017 the library migrated its heritage on DSpace-GLAM (