DSpace add-ons

The #makeITopen campaign

4Science is constantly engaged at enhancing DSpace experience, extending DSpace functionality, and developing new add-on modules to make your repository ready to meet the emerging needs of your users and institution.

4Science is part of the Community and shares its basic and most important value: openness!

For this reason we are committed to release everything we develop in open source, including all the add-on modules that are compatible with DSpace JSPUI, XMLUI and DSpace-CRIS.

Following a transparency principle for each module we publish: description of the available ready to use code; plan and ideas on future functionalities; target budget for the open source release; fee requested to get involved.

Each customer interested in using the modules pays a fraction of the total target budget (minimum contribution) to access the source code and start using the module. If needed customers can also get our services and assistance.

Customers in 4Science are also “Supporters”: with your contributions you make the open source release possible.

The more Supporters, the faster the modules become available in open source for the whole Community.

Already fully open source modules

CKAN Integration

Add Research Data Management features to your DSpace.

Make DSpace add-ons open

Adopt the following modules and we will release them in open source

IIIF Image Viewer

Use an international standard to work with image collections.

Document Viewer

View, access and work on full documents.

OCR & Transcription

Search anything you need in your digitalized documents.

Video/Audio Streaming

Simplify access and reuse of audio/video content.

Other solutions