What is it?

DSpace-CRIS is the first free open-source platform for Research Data and Information Management.

It is a specific extension of DSpace: it broadens its functionalities and expands its data model while relying on its large Community.

It is compliant with many international stardards to facilitate interoperability and data transfer.

Why do you need it?

To collect and manage research data and information, including your researchers and groups, departments and organizational units, laboratories and infrastructures, projects and collaborations, contracts and events, publications and patents, awards, etc.

To assess your perfomance and allocate resources efficiently.

To promote your assets and activities.

To track and apply for new funding opportunities.

To exchange information with external systems and databases (ORCiD, PubMed, WoS, etc.).

Why are we a reliable partner?

The team at 4Science created DSpace-CRIS back in 2009, continuously extending and improving it.

We have successfully implemented many projects in institutions all over the world.

We are committed to share what we do and we make all the most important software enhancements available as open source.

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