What is it?

An open-source platform for Cultural Heritage Data Management An extension of DSpace with an enhanced data model which can be easily integrated with image viewers, media servers and a OCR module. A system compliant with many international stardards to facilitate interoperability and data transfer among Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums. Enjoy the tutorial “Putting Historical Data in Context: how to use DSpace-GLAM“.

Why do you need it?

To manage information about any entity important for the cultural heritage domain: collections, persons, events, concepts, places, projects, etc.

To create relations between different digital objects and different entities to fully describe their cultural contexts.

To analyse your data using grids, graphs and maps or creating networks.

To store, manage, curate, preserve, analyze and access digital objects and their metadata.

To have the perfect Cultural Heritage Data Management platform, you can enrich DSpace-GLAM with our 3 add-ons:

Image Viewer

To access and fastly visualize images, adapting them to any screen size and zoom level, without the need of downloading the files.

Video/Audio Streaming

To provide adaptive streaming for audio/video content, reducing the use of bandwidth and optimising the resolution.

OCR & Transcription

To convert images into computer-recognizable text.

Why are we a reliable partner?

Our Team has been contributing to the DSpace Community for more than 10 years and today we have 2 DSpace Committers We have a long experience with Digital Library Systems with a successful track record of tens of projects We collaborate with many international organisations to promote the use of technological standards and we make our systems interoperable We are committed to share what we develop releasing most of our software enhancements in open source.

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