What is it?


DSpace is the most widely used repository software with more than 3000 installations around the world.

It is free, open source and completely customisable to fit the needs of any organisation.

The DSpace Community is the broadest open source repository community globally, and continues to grow, with 93 members, representing 23 countries.  As one of 3 Certified DSpace Partners, 4Science has a key role in the DSpace community and has made a major contribution to DSpace 7.

Why do you need it?

To collect, preserve and disseminate your digital assets.

To manage your files of any formats and mime types (e.g.: pdf, docx, xlsx, jpg, mpeg, tiff, mp4).

To make your content FAIR, open and easy to access.

To increase your visibility and reputation on the web.

Why are we a reliable partner?

4Science is strongly involved with DSpace as a Certified Partner and a successful Service Provider serving more than 50 institutions with DSpace(-CRIS/GLAM), and a major active contributor to the community since 2003. We have with a major role in developing DSpace 7 , with over 5,000 hours of software development & coordination tasks in all WGs (Angular UI, REST API – including lead of sub-team, Entities). We also serve the community with two DSpace Committers (since 2006), participation in the Leadership and the Steering groups, and other roles in community initiatives and promotion of DSpace.

We are the creators and maintainers of DSpace-CRIS, DSpace-GLAM, RDM solutions based on DSpace (CKAN integration), add-on modules to enhance the functionality of repositories and digital libraries based on DSpace: IIIF Image Viewer, PDF Document Viewer, OCR & Transcription, Video / Audio Streaming.

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