What is it?

DuraCloud is an open source solution provided by DuraSpace that allows you to check, at any time, where and how your contents is preserved in the cloud .

4Science has joined, as first participant, DuraSpace Certified DuraCloud Partner Program. This partnership will facilitate delivery of DuraCloud  preservation and content storage services in Europe. We are currently rolling out a hosted managed service in Europe and  neighboring regions.

We can also provide support for installing, customizing and adopting Duracloud  on your servers.

Why do you need it?

To safely preserve your digital contents

To check the integrity of your contents and easily implement replication strategies avoiding vendor lock-in issues.

To easily take advantage of Cloud Storage and Services (easy UI, fixed budged, managed quota, different providers)

To have a friendly cloud backup solution for both humans (web UI, desktop sync tools) and machines (cmd line tools, RESTful API)

Why are we a reliable partner?

4Science is the only trusted partner of DuraSpace for DuraCloud. We have worked with the Duraspace Experts becoming an active member of the DuraCloud community to assure that our solutions are stable and reliable. We have successfully helped institutions to move large and small amounts of data efficiently and securely in the Cloud. Moreover, we are a DSpace Registered Service Provider.

In all the communities we are involved in, we are engaged to release bug fixes, improvements and new features for the benefit of all users.

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