We are

Andrea Bollini

Andrea is the Chief Technology and Innovation Officer, with the responsibility of ensuring the use of the most efficient technologies to effectively achieve the results of each project. Andrea is actively involved in various international open-source and open-standards communities, often with leading roles: DSpace committer, Deputy Leader of the CERIF Task Groupof euroCRIS and member of the COAR Working Group on “Next Generation Repositories”. Chair, speaker and reviewer in important conferences, before 4Science Andrea worked for two Italian University Consortia, Cilea and Cineca, where he was responsible for the development, design and management of IT solutions and projects in the field of research, the electronic publishing and open access repositories. He holds a MS in Applied Mathematics and a Master in ICT management. More information on: https://it.linkedin.com/in/andreabollini

Francesco Cadili

Francesco Cadili is a Senior Technical Architect at 4Science, where he began working with Dspace solutions, thanks to the knowledge of the J2EE platforms acquired during his previous employment combined with a degree in Computer Science and the certifications acquired (Java and Oracle Database). In these years he has specialized in J2EE and .Net platforms, covering both the role of developer and designer in the development of web applications (some based on the Spring Framework) and in the design and subsequent optimization of databases (Oracle and Postgresql databases), working with both Italian and foreign clients within telecommunications, cultural heritage and GIS. Cadili has found in 4Science a stimulating and very competent working group in which to grow and train. More information on https://www.linkedin.com/in/francescocadili

Claudio Cortese

Claudio is Project Manager and Business Analyst. Claudio has a PhD in Archaeology and is Lecturer of “Information Technology Applied to Archaeology” at the Catholic University of Milan. For several years he has been dealing with modeling, management and analysis of data for cultural heritage using a great variaty of methods, standards and technologies, from relational databases to GIS, from Digital Libraries to architectures based on the Semantic Web. Before joining 4Science, he worked for two Italian consortia of universities, Cilea and Cineca, mainly dealing with Digital Library Management Systems to preserve, use and distribute digital cultural resources. In the historical/archaeological field, Claudio focused on the design and creation of databases for many Archaeological Missions and University Research Units. He constantly gives consultancies, lessons and courses to universities and public/private institutions. More information on: https://www.linkedin.com/in/claudio-cortese-37017338 and on http://independentresearcher.academia.edu/ClaudioCortese

Giuseppe Digilio

Giuseppe is a Senior Software Engineer. He has a MS degree in Computer Science and is a Zend Certified PHP Engineer. Giuseppe has a passion for new technologies and he masters many of them giving 4Science the opportunity to be an early adopter. He worked for 2 Italian university consortia, Cilea and Cineca, gaining great experience in the development and analysis of web applications for Digital Libraries and Electronic Publishing. He currently collaborates with the DSpace Community on the new DSpace 7 User Interface, based on Angular. More information on: https://it.linkedin.com/in/giuseppedigilio

Riccardo Fazio

Riccardo is a Senior Software Engineer. He has a MS degree in Mathematics and is a Java expert working on the two open source platforms DSpace and DSpace-CRIS. Riccardo has been working in the ICT sector for more than 10 years as a software developer and analyst for research projects and electronic publishing. He also has a long experience as System Administrator for Linux/Unix operating systems. More information on: https://www.linkedin.com/in/riccardo-fazio-1115959

Emilia Groppo

Emilia is Team Leader of Digital Humanities. She holds a MA, specialized in Archaeology and Art History and is Lecturer of Technologies for Cultural Heritage at the University of Milan. Previously Emilia was Project Manager for Cultural Heritage in the two Italian Consortia of University, Cineca and Cilea, where she promoted and led numerous projects, including some of the largest Digital Library in Italy. She has had a long and successfull career and for many years Emilia was Head of the National Library System (SBN) in the Lombardy Region and responsible for the automation of many libraries and Italian historical archives, including the National Library Braidense in Milan. More information on: https://www.linkedin.com/in/emilia-groppo-7257313b

Susanna Mornati

Susanna is Chief Operating Officer. Her extensive experience, gained in thirty years as Head of several business units for the design and implementation of information systems for research in Italy and abroad, ensures the success of organizational projects of high complexity. Her extensive expertise in the research domain and as business technologist guarantee effective solutions to customer problems. Susanna has gained a national and international reputation in the Open Access and Open Science communities. In the past she held positions of high responsibility in the Italian University Consortia, Cilea and Cineca, and the State University of Milan where she was Director of the Physics Library. She worked for two years at the Scientific Information Service at CERN in Geneva. After her Master’s degree, she obtained a Master in ICT Management. More information on: https://it.linkedin.com/in/susannamornati

Luigi Andrea Pascarelli

Luigi Andrea is Lead Software Engineer. He is responsible for the development of DSpace and DSpace-CRIS. He is DSpace Committer since 2013 and was part of the team that originally developed and still maintains DSpace-CRIS. Luigi Andrea has been working in ICT for more than 10 years as Java Developer and System Integrator in projects related to the management of digital objects. After graduating with a MS in Computer Engineering, Andrea got the Oracle certification for the Java platform (Sun Certified Programmer for the Java 2 Platform SE 6.0). More information on: https://www.linkedin.com/in/luigiandreapascarelli

Matteo Perelli

Matteo is Lead Software Engineer. He deals with the implementation of front-end services for the Digital Library. With more than 15 years of experience in ICT and his passion for new technologies, he played many roles and is now a Full Stack Developer and a PHP Software Architect. In the past he created one of the largest Digital Library in Italy, working actively in all phases of the design and development. Matteo was also IT System Architect for the PHP activities in institutions he worked for. He is Zend Certified PHP Engineer and is now cooperating with the DSpace community for the development of the new User Interface of DSpace 7, based on Angular. More information on: https://www.linkedin.com/in/matteoperelli

Francesco Pio Scognamiglio

Francesco Pio Scognamiglio is a Junior Developer at 4Science. Passionate student of Computer Science at the University “La Sapienza” in Rome, he carries out a period of active training, collaborating in the development of solutions based on DSpace-CRIS and Dataverse and entering the world of international communities. More information at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/francescopioscognamiglio/

Cesare Valenti

Cesare Valenti is co-founder of Itway S.p.A. and since 1996 a Board Member with responsibilities over sales and marketing. Cesare is Managing Director of different companies of the Itway Group, including 4Science S.r.l., Itway France SAS, Itway Iberica SL, Itway Hellas SA and Itway Turkiye Ltd, Business Adviser and S.p.A. Graduated in Electronics Engineering at the University of Bologna, he worked in the hardware and engineering division of several companies (Sarema Group, Alpha Microsystems Inc., SHR Gruppo Ferruzzi), where he gained high technical skills in the software area. He is a member of more than one Steering Committee of Confindustria Digitale and he is a Board Member of Confindustria Ravenna and President of its ICT Section. More information on: https://www.linkedin.com/in/cesare-valenti-a85100/